Picture of a woman smiling AHRQ PBRN Centers for Primary Care Practice-Based Research and Learning

In September 2012, AHRQ funded grants to establish eight Centers for Primary Care Practice-Based Research and Learning.  These collaborative centers will stimulate innovation in how to improve the delivery and organization of primary care and to accelerate quality improvement in real world primary care practices.  AHRQ grant funding will allow each Center to support administrative and research cores over the next 5 years. AHRQ also intends to release limited-competition rapid-cycle research grants targeted at these Centers. These funding opportunities will focus on AHRQ priority research areas including how primary care practices can contribute to patient safety, implement health IT to improve quality, and deliver patient-centered care. The Centers will be encouraged to utilize their shared infrastructure to pursue a wide variety of research projects, funding opportunities, and quality improvement activities supported by a broad base of funders.

The Centers for Primary Care Practice-Based Research and Learning are:

AAFP National Research Network and DARTNet Collaborative PBRN Center for Excellence
Primary Institution: American Academy of Family Physicians
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Kim Kimminau, PhD
Participating PBRNs:

  • AAFP National Research Network.
  • DARTNet Institute.
  • American College of Physicians Network (ACPNet).
  • Collaborative Care Research Network (CCRN).
  • Connecticut Center for Primary Care (CCPC).
  • Dental Practice-Based Research Network (DPBRN).
  • Electronic National Quality Improvement and Research Network (eNQUIRENet).
  • Free Clinic Research & Educational Engagement Network (FREENet).
  • New York City Research Improvement and Networking Group (NYC RING).
  • Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN).
  • Residency Research Network of Texas (RRNet).
  • Scalable Architecture for Therapeutic Inquires Network (SAFTINet).
  • South Texas Ambulatory Research Network (STARNet).
  • Upstate New York Practice Based Research Network (UNYNet).
  • WWAMI Region Practice and Research Network (WPRN).

Collaborative Ohio Inquiry Network (COIN)
Primary Institution: Case Western Reserve University
Center Director/Principal Investigator: James Werner, PhD, MSSA
Participating PBRNs:

  • Research Association of Practices (RAP).
  • Safety Net Providers' Strategic Alliance (SNPSA).
  • Cleveland Clinic Ambulatory Research Network (CLAReN).
  • Rainbow Office-Based Clinical Research Network (RRC).
  • Better Health Greater Cleveland (BHGC).
  • Central Ohio Practice Based Research Network (COPBRN) (formerly OSU-PCPBRN).
  • Cincinnati Area Research Group (CARinG Network).
  • Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group (CPRG).
  • Northeast Ohio Network (NEON®).

Coordinated Consortium of Networks (CoCoNet2)
Primary Institution: University of Oklahoma
Center Director/Principal Investigator: James Mold, MD, MPH
Participating PBRNs:

  • LA Net.
  • Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network (MAFPRN).
  • Oklahoma Physicians Research/Resource Network (OKPRRN).
  • Oklahoma Child Health Research Network.
  • Upstate New York Network (UNYNet).
  • Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN).

N2: Building a Network of Safety Net PBRNs
Primary Institution: Clinical Directors Network, Inc.
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Jonathan Tobin, PhD
Participating PBRNs:

  • Access Community Health Network (ACCESS).
  • The Alliance of Chicago (ALLIANCE).
  • The Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO).
  • The Center for Community Health Education, Research and Service (CCHERS).
  • Clinical Directors Network (CDN).
  • The Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN).
  • The Fenway Institute.
  • The New York City Research and Improvement Networking Group (NYCRING).
  • OCHIN.

Center for Pediatric Practice Research & Learning (C-PRL)
Primary Institution: American Academy of Pediatrics
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Richard "Mort" Wasserman, MD, MPH
Participating PBRNs:

  • Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS).
  • AAP Quality Improvement Innovation Network (QuIIN).
  • Pediatric Research Consortium of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (PeRC).

Primary Care MultiEthnic Network (PRIME Net) Center in Practice-based Research and Learning
Primary Institution: Wayne State University
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Anne Victoria Neale, PhD, MPH
Participating PBRNs:

  • The Colorado Research Network (CaReNet).
  • LA Net.
  • Metropolitan Detroit PBRN (MetroNet).
  • Research Involving Outpatient Settings Network (RIOS Net).
  • San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network (CRN).
  • Southeast Regional Clinicians Network (SERCN).
  • Southwest Ohio Ambulatory Research Network (SOAR Net).
  • Southern Primary-care Urban Research Network (SPUR-Net).

Practice Partners Research Network (PPRNet)
Primary Institution: Medical University of South Carolina
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Steven Ornstein, MD
Participating PBRNs: PPRNet

Meta-network Learning and Research Center (Meta-LARC)
Primary Institution: Oregon Health Sciences University
Center Director/Principal Investigator: Lyle J. Fagnan, MD
Participating PBRNs:

  • Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN).
  • Iowa Research Network (IRENE).
  • State Networks of Colorado Ambulatory Practices and Partners (SNoCAP).
  • Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN; formerly Safety Net West).
  • Quebec Practice Based Research Network (QPBRN).
  • Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN).
Last Modified: April 2015