History of PBRNs

 While the PBRN movement in the United States goes back over 30 years, it has experienced significant growth over the past decade. 1 The number of Primary Care PBRNs in the United States has grown substantially, from a reported 28 in 1994 2 to 173 in 2015 (as of May 2015).

To understand the expansion and evolution of PBRNs over the decades, it is helpful to know the history behind PBRNs, including how they were conceptualized and evolved. In 2006, Larry Green and John Hickner published an article describing the history and evolution of PBRNs in the U.S.3 In this article, the authors introduce the accomplishments of some of the pioneers of primary care research and explore the various mechanisms and organizations that have supported PBRNs during their development. A copy of this article is publicly available through the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.

To review the research accomplishments of primary care PBRNs please explore our bibliography of PBRN research.
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