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AHRQ PBRN Resource Center Bi-Weekly Digest

September 24, 2015

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“Good seasons start with good beginnings.”

Sparky Anderson


Important Message:

The AHRQ-support PBRN Resource Center and Learning community is in the midst of transition.  I purposely chose the “Indiana Jones” AHRQivist symbol as an homage to the folks at Indiana University who were central to the beginning of the PBRN Resource Center.

 For many years the Minnesota-based team lead by Drs. Kevin Peterson and Carol Lange were instrumental in the nurturing and networking of the PBRN Community.   Throughout its evolution, “the Davids,” Dr. David Lanier and Dr. David Meyers, were actively engaged with you and others on your behalf.

Over time, we have transitioned from a resource center that provided one-on-one research assistance to a more formally organized learning community driven by the willingness and capacity for PBRN members to share their passion and technical prowess. 

Most recently, we have been working with a dedicated team from ABT, under the leadership of Dr. Gabriella Newes-Adeyi, Ms. Tana Brummer, Mrs. Claire Weschler, and their stellar team of technical experts from other institutions including, Dr. Michael Parchman and others from MacColl, Drs. Kim Johnson and David Gustafson from University of Wisconsin, and many members of the stellar PBRN establishment.  

The current version of contractual support for the PBRN Resource Center will end on Tuesday, September 29th. While this is the last scheduled PBRN Resource Center, “BI-Weekly Digest”, The PBRN Listserve, Web-based resources, and learning community will continue.  

We are still open for business:

  • You should post appropriate announcements directly to PBRN listserve: PBRNLIST@list.ahrq.gov
  • Note the new email for AHRQ PBRN Resource Center, PBRN@ahrq.hhs.gov
  • AHRQ (Rebecca Roper) will continue to have periodic postings to the PBRN listserv
      • We have new PBRN resources coming on line, including enduring CE credit from AAFP and AANP for a treasure trove of PBRN recorded webinars
      • Recently, I have been contacted by leadership from various centers across DHHS, including Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI),  DHHS’ Office of Women’s Health, and, DHHS’ Agency for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) who have expressed interest in engaging with the PBRN community, through the PBRN listserve and directly.

In closing, your superb skillset and commitment to this community, will provide an excellent starting point for the next season of the PBRN Learning Community. You and your work is extremely relevant to AHRQ’s mission and the Nation’s ability to realize realworld, sustainable improvements in quality of care (and quality of life of the patients we serve).  The continued relevancy of our community was exemplified in an exchange I had at this week’s Concordium Conference, noted below. 


This week, I attended the two-day Academy Health-sponsored Conference, Concordium 2015.  During one of the larger sessions, the issue of whether ACOs should consider buying or building capacity to conduct quality improvement programs pursuant to ACO reporting requirements was raised.  I was able to “advertise”  PBRNs (and our website) as stellar resources.  Whereby, I touted that PBRN investigators have experience in designing, executing, and evaluating QI activities.   I noted that meaningful change in values of quality measures can more often be realized through a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessments (which are areas of expertise of PBRNs). Whereby, you apply holistic assessment of systems so that improvements in processes which drive improvements in the reportable quality measures are realized. In a serendipitous fashion, I was able to highlight our just-released resource (described below), Practice-based Research Network Business Opportunities with ACOs and Other Health Care Systems: Training and Technical Assistance.

*New AHRQ PBRN Resource Center Resource*: Practice-based Research Network Business Opportunities with ACOs and Other Health Care Systems: Training and Technical Assistance

The PBRN Resource Center has created a new resource document (PDF - 739 KB) to facilitate the expansion of business relationships between PBRNs and outside organizations including accountable care organizations (ACOs), public health departments, and other health-related entities. In the ever-evolving health care landscape, these health-related entities are increasingly required to initiate, assess, and report quality improvement (QI) efforts. With their experience designing, executing, and evaluating QI activities, PBRNs are well positioned to provide their expertise to others via training or technical assistance. This document describes existing and anticipated QI synergies between PBRNs and ACOs and similar organizations.

PBRNs In Search Of... 

No content this week.

Funding/Employment Opportunities  


New Employment Opportunity: Director, Division of Practice Improvement, Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement, AHRQ 

AHRQ is seeking a Director for the Division of Practice Improvement in the Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement (CEPI). The division Director will provide the vision and strategic direction for the Agency’s work to improve the quality of ambulatory care by generating new knowledge and helping providers and health care systems use the evidence to improve practice. Apply by October 14, 2015 through USAJOBS under any of the following listings: Supervisory Medical Officer, Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator, Supervisory Health Scientist Administrator.

New Employment Opportunity: Medical Officer, Division of Practice Improvement, AHRQ 

AHRQ is seeking a Medical Officer for the Division of Practice Improvement in the Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement (CEPI). The Medical Officer will direct and oversee research in the areas of translation, dissemination and implementation research, as well as activities to move patient-centered outcomes research into practice. Apply by September 30, 2015 through USAJOBS. 

New Employment Opportunity: Tenure-Track Faculty Positions (6) at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine is recruiting up to 6 tenure-track faculty to expand their primary care, health outcomes and diabetes research programs. At least two hires will focus specifically on diabetes- and/or obesity-related research. Apply by November 1, 2015 through the Ohio University jobs site. Be sure to include a resume/CV, cover letter, a statement of research interests (which includes a plan for obtaining extramural funding for the next five years), and contact information for three professional references. 

Upcoming Events 

This section will return next issue!

Time-sensitive Dissemination/Learning Opportunities 

New Event:  Opportunity to Meet Rebecca Roper in Person-AHRQ Research Conference 

Please contact Rebecca Roper, AHRQ Practice-Based Research Network Initiative Lead, at PBRN@ahrq.hhs.gov if you would like to meet in person at the AHRQ Research Conference October 4-6, 2015 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Crystal City, Virginia.  After being held annually from 2007 to 2012, the research conference will return this fall to bring together experts in health care research and policy in sessions addressing today’s challenges in improving quality, safety, access and value in health care. 

Register for the 2015 AHRQ Research Conference today.


Reminder: TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Master Training Workshop

The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio is hosting a two day on-site training for TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Certification November 5-6, 2015.  The training works to improve patient safety through enhanced team performance by building skills in team structure, communication, team leadership, situation monitoring, and mutual support. Participants will create an implementation plan and will gain coaching skills to improve team-related performance and outcomes in their respective organizations.

Register for the TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Master Training Workshop today.


Featured Publications, Tools and Resources 

New Publication: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (JABFM) September-October Supplement 1

Many PBRN community members authored articles in the JABFM September-October 2015 Supplement 1  featuring 8 original research articles and 4 editorials about lessons learned from clinicians on the front line. Of note is the article, ”Advancing Care Together by Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health” by Larry A. Green, MD and Maribel Cifuentes, RN, BSN which discusses the 5-year Advancing Care Together (ACT) program.  Dr. Green, Doug H. Fernald, MA, Frank V. deGruy, MD, and Linda Niebauer were among the project team members.


PBRN AHRQeology: Please save these resources!


Below, we highlight some of the most pertinent PBRN resources available on the AHRQ PBRN website. For additional resources and information including the PBRN Registry, PBRN Research Bibliography, and more, visit our website.



Additional PBRN Resource Documents 

The tools and resources page of the PBRN Resource Center website lists seminal publications and websites regarding health IT, chronic care, health literacy, institutional review boards (IRBs) and other topics of interest to PBRNs. Below we highlight the most recent PBRN Resource Center publications.


Resource Documents

·         Using Rapid-Cycle Research to Reach Goals: Awareness, Assessment, Adaptation, Acceleration (PDF - 1.96 MB)

·         Opportunities for Integrating MOC Part IV Requirements into PBRN Practices (PDF - 2.6 MB)

Practice Facilitation Resources

PBRN Profiles

  • Profiles of the eight AHRQ Centers for Primary Care Practice-Based Research and Learning (P30 Center Grants) (PDF – 1.21 MB). Learn more about the P30 Centers and access their individual profiles on the PBRN Profiles page.
  • Six profiles highlighting the important research conducted by PBRNs in a multitude of care settings and the innovative research methods used to conduct this work. Learn more about PBRN research on the Thematic Profiles page.


PBRN Resource Center Events Archive 

Between 2013 and 2015, the PBRN Resource Center conducted 26 webinars and three Pragmatic Research and Translation Learning Group meetings [meeting summaries available here].  Select webinars are currently being reviewed for Continuing Education (CE) credit by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners [check the individual PBRN Events pages for updates and instructions for obtaining CE credit]. Below we list the links to webinars for which video recordings are available. For a one-stop shop for all PBRN Resource Center webinar recordings, please visit the AHRQ PBRN YouTube Playlist.



Reminder: Practice-Based Research Network Research Good Practices (PRGPs): Summary of Recommendations

Members of the PBRN community have authored a paper entitled "Practice-Based Research Network Research Good Practices (PRGPs): Summary of Recommendations,” now available in Clinical and Translational Science.  Please see the recommended citation below. For more information, watch the PBRN Resource Center webinar about the report or download the actual report (PDF – 1,836 KB).

Dolor RJ, Campbell-Voytal K, Daly J, Nagykaldi ZJ, O¹Beirne M, Sterling P, Fagnan LJ, Levy B, Michaels L, Louks HA, Smith P, Aspy CB, Patterson VB, Kano M, Sussman AL, Williams R, Neale AV. Practice-Based Research Network Research Good Practices (PRGPs): Summary of Recommendations. Clin Trans Sci, [Epub ahead of print] 22 AUG 2015, DOI: 10.1111/cts.12317