The Dartmouth Practice-based Research Network

January 01, 2012
The Dartmouth CO-OP Project
New Hampshire
Main Phone: 
Network Director: 
Ardis Olson
Network Member: 
Deborah Johnson
Network Member Role: 
Network Coordinator/Executive Director
Geographic Coverage: 
Clinics Location: 
New Hampshire
New York
Network Category: 
Network Type: 
Mixed Network (a combination of family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, nursing and/or other specialties)
Mission Statement: 
The Dartmouth Primary Care Practice-based Research Network (The Dartmouth CO-OP Project) is a voluntary and cooperative network of primary care clinicians and other health professionals coordinated by the Department of Community and Family Medicine of Dartmouth Medical School. Started in 1972, The Dartmouth CO-OP Project is one of the oldest primary care practice-based research networks in the country. The mission of the CO-OP is to: 1. Generate funded research and publish results to support the practice of evidence-based medicine 2. Provide opportunities for clinicians and other health professionals to develop new research skills 3. Perform research studies in partnership with primary care clinicians, their patients and the communities they serve to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes 4. Facilitate clinical translation in both directions, using the expertise of clinicians to guide the research and extending the expertise of researchers to support clinicians.
Current or Past Research Interests: 
Arthritis and other non-traumatic joint disease (muscle, bone, joint conditions)
Behavioral health
Cardiovascular disease including stroke and HTN
Care transitions
Chronic pain
Coordination of care for complex patients
Dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease
Developmental delays, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism
Functional limitations and physical disabilities
Obesity, physical activity and / or diet and nutrition
Other health or disease related interests
Population health
Pregnancy and childbirth including preterm birth
Substance abuse (alcohol and drug abuse)
Tobacco use and smoking cessation
Women's health issues
Current or Past Research Interests Comments: 
Women's health issues: Contraceptive use; Other health or disease related issues: Use of Benzodiazephines/Benzodiazepine Agonists in Chronic Insomnia, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in Primary Care, Depression & Suicidality
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