PBRN Literature

PBRN Literature Guidelines

All citations must meet the following criteria to be included in the literature database:

  • Research must be conducted by a PBRN or by a member/director of a PBRN; and 
  • Research must be practice-based.

Citations excluded from the PBRN literature database are:

  • Articles not found in Pub Med/Google Scholar;
  • Posters/Meeting Presentations;
  • Articles in press; and
  • Articles in very specialized and/or local journals.

The following format for relaying these articles is preferred:

  • Primary Author, Title, Journal, Volume, Page(s), Date; OR
  • PubMed ID; OR
  • Article Web-Link.

To obtain an End Note or Reference Manager file of the PBRN Research Bibliography,  please contact the PBRN Resource Center (PBRN@ahrq.hhs.gov).  (Please note, this service will only be made available to currently-registered networks)

Search the PBRN Research Bibliography

Advanced search:

  • To search for a phrase, use quotation marks around your phrase (e.g., “care coordination”)
  • To search for more than one term, separate terms with OR (e.g., care OR coordination) or AND (e.g., women AND technology)