Design and implementation of the Indianapolis Network for Patient Care and Research

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Bull Med Libr Assoc
We are creating a health care information network that will link a large community medical record system to three hospital emergency departments, fifty community pharmacies, ten clinics, four health- maintenance organization (HMO) offices, and twelve homeless care sites in Indianapolis, Indiana. This project will test the feasibility of linking care providers across organizational boundaries and measure the benefits of such a network. The network will supply three kinds of information services: a "mini-medical library," patient medical record information, and a citywide prescription database incorporating a computer-based prescription-writing system. The use of medical resources, the cost of care, provider time spent giving care, and providers' opinions of the services will be used as outcomes in randomized clinical trials. Through this project, we hope to expand the information base available to the target care sites; reduce unnecessary testing and increase the efficiency of care in emergency departments; improve emergency department, office, and clinic prescribing patterns; enlarge the consortium of health care providers connected by the network; and develop strategies for successfully implementing a comprehensive city medical record resource.
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