iPad Use in Iowa Research Network Family Physician Offices

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J.Prim.Care Community Health
BACKGROUND: Through a cancer research infrastructure building grant, iPads were given to health care providers in family physician offices. The purpose of this study was to determine the use and application of iPads in the Iowa Research Network. METHODS: A Qualtrics survey was sent to 81 iPad recipients after institutional review board approval. RESULTS: Fifty-nine percent responded and 85% reported they have used the iPad. The main reason for use of the iPad was browsing the World Wide Web for health care information. Open-ended comments supported use of the iPad for photographic documentation of wound and other skin lesions for insertion into the medical record and it helped improve clinic flow by making it easier to put orders in the system through the iPad. CONCLUSIONS: Tablet uses are variable in physician offices with provider's gathering health care information from the Internet and securing education material for patients as the frequent usages
Documentation, education, electronic, Family, Health, health care, information, Internet, Iowa, medical, Methods, patient, Patients, provider, Record, Research, review, Skin, survey, system, Universities