Tools to improve documentation of smoking status. Continuous quality improvement and electronic medical records

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Arch Fam Med
BACKGROUND: Despite the deleterious effects of smoking on the nation's health and evidence that smoking cessation advice by family practice physicians is cost-effective, self-sustaining office systems to identify smokers in primary care clinics have been difficult to establish. We worked on a continuous quality improvement project group, aided by an electronic medical record, to design a system to document and periodically update smoking status in a consistent place in the medical record. INTERVENTION: Using the continuous quality improvement plan-do-study-act cycle, a 7-member group worked with nursing staff to define roles, routines and responsibilities for medical assistants to screen for and document 1 of 4 categories of smoking status in the major problem list of the electronic medical record for at least 80% of patient appointments. Screening rate was tracked monthly by means of the electronic medical record and feedback was given to staff. RESULTS: The screening rate rose from 18.4% to 80.3% within 2 weeks after the system was implemented and was maintained for 19 months. An additional benefit was an increased rate of smoking cessation counseling documented by providers, from a baseline rate of 17.1% to 48.3%. CONCLUSIONS: A continuous quality improvement group process aided by an electronic medical record is useful to develop a self-sustaining office system to screen, document, and periodically update smoking status in a consistent place in the medical record. Although screening for and documenting smoking status are only the first step toward helping patients stop smoking, it is an important one
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