Register Your Network

Recognizing the tremendous growth occurring around the country in Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRN), and their potential for the promotion of research and quality improvement in healthcare delivery, the Agency for Healthcare Research Quality (AHRQ) invites all interested primary care networks to register with the AHRQ PBRN Resource Center.

Registration is free.

Why Register?

Registered PBRNs receive a number of benefits including: notification of AHRQ funding opportunities, the ability to participate in both general and topic-specific listservs and in the PBRN Resource Center sponsored web-based seminars (Peer Learning Groups). Additionally, members are invited to attend the annual AHRQ National PBRN Research Conference. Registration also offers your network access to technical assistance from AHRQ and the PBRN Resource Center on operational and research topics relevant to Primary Care PBRNs.

Who Can Register?

AHRQ defines primary care using the Institute of Medicine (IOM) definition of primary care.  AHRQ defines a Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network as having the following characteristics:

  • A minimum of 50% of the membership are primary care clinicians (e.g. pediatrics, family medicine, general internal medicine, and geriatrics);
  • A minimum of 5 practice locations and 15 clinicians; and
  • A director and a Mission Statement

PBRNs may register if they are established (meet the above criteria) or in the process of organizing.

PBRNs whose members consist of less than 50% primary care clinicians are registered as Affiliate PBRNs (Examples include Pharmacy and Dental PBRNs).

How to Register?

To register, please contact the PBRN Resource Center at

The registry contains less than 50 questions. The types of questions in the registry pertain to design, size and geography of the network, the types of research conducted in the network, and staff contact information.

PBRN Benefits for Registering your Network

For registering your network with the Resource Center, US-based primary care and affiliate PBRNs will receive*:

  1. Direct access to the PBRN Resource Center;
  2. Email correspondence from AHRQ detailing funding opportunities;
  3. PBRN news and information from both AHRQ and the PBRN Resource Center;
  4. Messages sent to the PBRN listserv and access to special interest group listservs'
  5. Access to other PBRN registry information for registered networks (this is only provided for networks who give us permission to release it);
  6. Access to the PBRN literature database; and,
  7. The opportunity to participate in PBRN web-based seminars and Peer Learning Groups (PLGs).

Those networks who are willing to provide their member location information will be added to the National PBRN Practice Location Map.  This map is in a format that allows you to enter the information into slides, grant proposals, and network materials.  The Resource Center requests this information to better understand your network's geographic representation and to provide you with a resource that is helpful in describing your network.

*International PBRNs are welcome to register with AHRQ as affiliate members, but are limited on the benefits extended to them.  International PBRNs can contact the PBRN Resource Center ( for details.